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To order your WORMS/LOBS/WORM PACKS/LIME - simply click on the 'Worms Shop' tab, a menu will appear, in this drop down menu, click on the type of worm or pack your after, scroll down the page and click on the yellow 'add to cart' tab. To order Worm Feed - go to the 'Worm Feed Shop' and if your after a special type of bait - go to the 'other baits' tab.

Welcome to our yorkshire-worms website, with fast and friendly service where we have a range or worms to suit all your needs. Our quality Dendrobaena Worms are used in Fishing, Wormeries, Composting for use as a live food source for reptiles and improving soil conditions. Dendrobaena worms are tough, agile, lively worms and have exceptional durability in cold water.

The demand for our quality dendrobaena worms to use as compost worms, live food in averies for reptiles, amphibians and birds etc are also on the increase. In good conditions they breed vigorously and can eat more than half their own body weight everyday. Whether your after the worms small, mixed or large – we have all you need, not only sizes but a huge range of amounts/weights as well. You should be able to find the amount you need -if you don’t – just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

To compliment our range of fishing worms and compost worms, we now supply lobworms (earthworms/garden worms), these worms are strong, thick healthy lob worms, a really good worm bait for catfish, salmon, trout, perch and a whole host of other specimen fish.

Our lobworms are very well conditioned, they are well looked after to arrive to you in peak condition – fat and juicy – just like they should be ! The safe bedding we keep our earthworms in is an excellent blend of natural products blended together to the right consistency for lob worms to thrive in.

Garden worms (earthworms/ lobworms) are a great way of breaking up soils and getting much needed oxygen back in, the garden worms enrich the quality and drainage properties of the soil, dragging surface matter deep down into the soil through the large holes earthworms make.

The dendrobaena worms and lobworms will arrive well packaged with enough safe bedding material to keep the worms for 1-2 weeks. If you need to keep them longer, just put them in a larger container (with a lid – put air holes in) add more bedding (make sure it is moist), store them in a cool place with plenty of ventilation and they will last for a long time.

We also stock a great new range of coarse and sea fishing baits called AQUA Spawn and SEA-Spawn, they are a revolutionary new synthetic fishing bait designed to absorb 200-400 times their own weight using either water, flavours,additives, scents etc. There are endless options available of presentation with these synthetic coarse and sea fishing baits (the Sea spawn in particular is quite a hit with carp) we have added a good range of flavours to compliment both aqua spawn and sea spawn. – A MUST Try Product.

We have responded to your queries and increased our range of quantities of worms to suit your individual needs.

We hope you find our website easy to use and convenient for all your live bait, composting and wormery needs. We know you won’t be disappointed with our dendrobaena Worms and lob Worms – not forgetting our superb worm feed, specially formulated locally with everything dendrobaena worms need to grow quickly from hatchlings to large worms, correct amounts of vitamins, proteins and minerals to grow dendrobaena worms fast.